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Spice Up Your Snacks
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Gifts & Decorative Accessories
By Staff -- Gifts & Decorative Accessories, 6/15/2007

Grab Em Snacks Plantain ChipsGrab Em Snacks Plantain Chips are a new gourmet chip alternative that marries disparate cuisines to deliver a multicultural munchie. Grab Em Snacks chips are made from green plantains that have not yet sweetened and have a potato-like taste with an underlying hint of banana. They come in six different seasoned flavors: Sea Salt, Black Pepper Spice, Red Chili, Chili Garlic, Jalapeno and Cajun to go well with anything from burgers to Bordeaux. Available in ¼-, ½- and 1-pound bags. $6.75–$8.50.

Grab Em Snacks, Basking Ridge, NJ
Retailers only, call (732) 469-8833.

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Summer Foods
(Press Release), Product Reviews
By Jessica Boettger, July 2007

Hosting a summer party....

Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods

Tired of the same old less-than-healthy fare at summer get-togethers? Burgers and hot dogs, hot dogs and burgers-maybe it's time for a change. Try a veggie burger from Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods this summer. Sure, veggie burgers don't spring to mind when imagining what food will be simmering on the grill this summer, but it never hurts to think outside the box a bit. Dr. Praeger's burgers are made from all-natural ingredients and have far fewer calories and fat to contend with-good news for your heart and your swimsuit. Just because it's summertime doesn't mean you have to abandon all that hard work to get in shape or just live a healthier lifestyle. And Dr. Praeger really knows his stuff-he's Chief of Cardiac Surgery at New Jersey's Hackensack University Medical Center.

Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chip

Photo of Sea Salt Plantain Chips & IngredientsNow that you're going in the right direction with the main course, don't throw it all away by piling the rest of your plate high with greasy, salty potato chips. Instead, check out Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips, made from plantains (kind of like a banana) and spiced up for a hearty and satisfying crunchy taste. Sample all six gourmet flavors to decide which one is your favorite. Choose from Sea Salt, Red Chili, Black Pepper Spice, Chili Garlic, Cajun Seasoning, and Jalapeno, and feel confident that all you're getting is great taste: Grab Em Snacks doesn't use additives or preservatives in their hand-made chips. So be adventurous-grab a bag today and enjoy with everything from burgers hot off the grill to a relaxing glass of Bordeaux.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Whatever you want to say, you can say it with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. This fabulous online bakery offers a cake for every conceivable occasion. Birthdays, holidays, baby showers-they've got what you need. Co-worker retiring soon? They've got a cake for that. New neighbors? They've got a cake for that. Just want to send out a "thinking of you" message? Yep, they've got a cake for that, too. Every bundt cake is decorated with its own special theme, like the Cheery-O cake, which comes with a bright yellow silk flower nestled in the center and is topped by a festive butterfly magnet that flutters overhead. Each cake also comes with a specialized card, and some even come with a personalized photo option. Order yours today and choose from nine delicious flavors, from classic Chocolate-Chocolate Chip to fun Banana Nut. And be sure to order it with their signature cream cheese frosting-no bundt cake would be complete without it!

Apple's Bakery

This summer, don't waste time on store-bought sweets. Apple's Bakery has got something better-homemade cookies, pies, brownies…whatever your sweet tooth is craving, they probably bake it. And the great thing is, they actually make their products from scratch. You're not paying for stale-tasting, commercialized, premixed cookies and pies here. These goodies are just like Grandma used to make. This bakery is pure nostalgia with old-fashioned favorites like snickerdoodle cookies, fudge brownies, and blueberry pies. No matter where you live (provided it's in the U.S.), they'll ship your order right to you. Check it out now, and start planning today for that big family reunion or the annual backyard barbeque. You can even brag that the goodies you brought are homemade from scratch-just don't say by whom.

Magic Kitchen

Who needs the bother of cooking over a hot stove when it's 90 degrees outside? Magic Kitchen is the answer to your prayers. They offer wholesome, delicious meals that arrive ready to eat-that is, after a few minutes in the microwave. Frozen dinners just got tastier. And the selection is huge. You can order a three-course meal, complete with dessert, or you can leave the meal in their capable hands. Magic Kitchen offers meal bundles for anywhere from 2-4 people. Imagine lounging in the afternoon sun with a good book and a glass of wine instead of slaving away in a sweltering kitchen for four hours trying to get supper on the table for your busy family and yourself. And the best part is, there are no dishes to worry about. Magic Kitchen meals go straight from the deep freeze into the oven or microwave and then straight onto the table. No one will be fighting over whose turn it is to clean up after supper, which may leave you with more down time than you know what to do with.

Marble Mix'ins

Summer is all about ice cream. Nothing defines summertime like a heaping bowl of your very favorite flavor of frozen tasty goodness. And who says you have to limit yourself to the flavors offered at your local supermarket? With Marble Mix'ins, you don't have to. Discover the satisfaction of making your own designer ice creams with four scrumptious add-ins: Butterfinger Cookie, Toll House Banana Split, Crunch Rocky Road, and Rainbow Morsels. Kids will get a kick out of designing their own ice cream, but Marble Mix'ins aren't just for kids. There's absolutely no reason why grown-ups can't play with their food once in a while, too. Check out your local grocery store for this tasty summertime novelty.

Kozy Shack Puddings

Worried about over-indulging this summer? With Kozy Shack, you won't have to. This fast-growing dessert company prides themselves on offering low fat, low cholesterol treats that taste just as decadent as the real thing. They offer treats like No Sugar Added Pudding in Rice, Tapioca, Chocolate, and Butterscotch flavors. And there's also their original line of puddings and flans, made with all-natural ingredients. Kozy Shack No Sugar Puddings are Kosher, use real milk, and are even gluten free. Plus, with proportioned cups at only 70 calories each, your diet won't be ruined. Unlike most desserts, Kozy Shack puddings and flans are actually pretty good for you with no preservatives and no trans fats to be found in them. Try the rice pudding that started it all, or if you're feeling adventurous, savor one of their specialty treats like Cinnamon Raisin Rice Pudding, Coffee Pudding, or Mango Sauce Flan. With Kozy Shack, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid the guilt that usually goes with it.

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