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Testimonials for our
Plantain Chips

"A winning product on every level! Those other brands are full of preservatives and ingredients that have no value to the chip. GrabEm Snacks are truly the best in the business!" Ann

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Gourmet Plantain Chips -
The Unrivaled Snack Experience!

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Testimonials for our
Gourmet Plantain Chips

"These days to find a snack that is good for you and scrumptious is a terrible challenge that many of us have to deal with. GrabEm Snacks chips, a unique and innovative idea come to the rescue as an utterly delicious snack!." Rashmi

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Gourmet, Flavored Plantain Chips - All Natural Plantain Chips

Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips

Our delicious plantain chips come in 7 different flavors - Try Them All!

Sea Salt
Sea Salt Plantain Chips photo

Wonderful plain-flavored chips. And though they are only salt-flavored, they are so good, you are sure to be soon pleading for more.
Red Chili
Red Chili Plantain Chips photo

These are our fabulous chili-flavored plantain. Be sure to try our chili combo chips!

Perfectly Peppered
Black Pepper
Black Pepper Plantain Chips photo

Pipin' hot black pepper sprinkled over flavorful plantain chips. Mmmmm.....
Cinful Cinnamon
Cinful Cinnamon Plantain Chips photoSea Salt
Introducing the first dessert chip - pairs well with ice creams, coffee & tea. This has a unique sweet & salty flavor profile while maintaining the savory crunch.  This new cinnamon sugar flavor is one experience you won't want to miss out on.

Chili Garlicious
Chili Garlic Plantain Chips photo

Arguably our best creation yet, our Chili Garlic flavored chips are one-of-a-kind. These wonderful aromatic chips are coated with only the finest ingredients, delivered to your taste buds, to give their message of "Eat some more!"
Ragin' Cajun
Cajun Plantain Chips photo

These wonderful chips are made with the traditions of the Deep South and the unique taste of Grab Em's gourmet plantain chips. Spicy flavors combine with savory aromas to create a chip you just can't resist.
Jalapeño Heat
Jalapeno Plantain Chips photo

If you thought you have tried them all, here is another flavor with just the right amount of spice combined with the slight sweetness of jalapeño.

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Flavors 1/4 lb Bag 1/2 lb Bag 1 lb Bag
Sea Salt Goodness $2.25 $4.00 $7.25
Fire-Me-Up Red Chili $2.75 $5.00 $8.50
Perfectly Peppered
Black Pepper
$2.75 $5.00 $8.50
Chili Garlicious $2.75 $5.00 $8.50
Ragin' Cajun $3.00 $5.25 $9.25
Jalapeño Heat $3.00 $5.25 $9.25
Cinful Cinnamon $3.00$5.25$9.25

All Natural Plantain Chips
Crispy & Light Plantain Chips

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