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Grab Em Snacks was founded with a simple idea - to create healthy and tasty snack alternatives to the ubiquitous potato chips and pretzels. Our gourmet plantain chips were introduced to the public in March 2006.

Articles & Press Releases

• Plantain Chip Producer Moves to Hillsborough
by Pamela Sroka-Holzmann, 6/6/09, The Courier News,

They're just "plantain" good.

That's what Geetha Jayaraman says about her custom-made plantain chips available at various ethnic and specialty markets, as well as her online gourmet snack company, Grab 'Em Snacks.

The chips are made from plantains, known as the cousin of bananas, and organic spices. They also are gluten-free and have zero grams of trans-fat, Jayaraman said. They can be cooked as snacks, appetizers or even desserts. .....
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• New Chip on the Block
by Ranjini Rao, 6/29/08, The Hindu,

Armed with a kitchen knife, a blend of spices, a bunch or two of plantains, and fond memories filled with appetizing aromas from her mother’s kitchen, Geetha Jayaraman, an Indian who was raised in Malaysia before she came to the U.S. many years ago, has not only succeeded in bringing the mouth-watering flavour of her mother’s fried plantains to the walls of her Indian-American home, but to those of several others across the country.....
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• The New York Times Small Business Summit Center: Entrepreneur Profile - January 2008
by Andrew Benkard, Community Manager, New York Times Small Business Summit Center

I’ve always had a passion for experimenting and for the culinary world generally, having helped my mom in the kitchen since I was very young....
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• Internet Can Make a Big Impact on Small Business
by Evelyn Lee, 1/28/08,

Once a cutting-edge option, Web sites have become a staple in the world of small businesses. Some local entrepreneurs say that having an Internet presence allows them to stay competitive, provide information and market their products and services to potential customers far and wide....
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• Grab Em Snacks Places 3rd at Zest Fest 2008

Grab Em Snacks "Red Chili" Plantain Chips won 3rd place in the Snacks/Chips category for Zest Fest 2008!.
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• Product Updates - September 2007

Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips is a gourmet chip alternative available in Sea Salt, Black Pepper Spice, Red Chili, Chili Garlic, Jalapeno and Cajun varieties. Made from green plantains that have not yet...
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• New Products - September 2007

Gourmet, Flavored Plantain Chips A healthier chip alternative for the snacking adventurer or chip connoisseur, Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips are crunchy, zesty and good for you...
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• September's Best New Products - September 2007

Plaintain chips pack a punch Basking Ridge, N.J.-based Grab Em Snacks introduces Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips, a gourmet chip alternative available in six varieties: Sea Salt, Black Pepper Spice...,
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• New Products at Retail - July 2007

New Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips combine the banana-like vegetable from India with spices from around the world. This multicultural munchie goes with everything from burgers to Bordeaux...
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• Breaking the "Road Rules" - June 2007 by Deborah Cassell

Grab and Go Call it fast food: For those in search of on-the-go snacks with a tropical flair, Grab Em Snacks, Basking Ridge, N.J., offers a gourmet, snack-style version of a well-known exotic fruit: ...
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• Recommended Products - 2007 by Sally Bernstein

Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips The Unrivaled Snacking Experience Available in 6 Delicious ...
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• El Restaurante Mexicano - August 2007
Grab Em Snacks was mentioned in the restaurant magazine "El Restaurante Mexicano" in August 2007

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• Food Site of the Day, 8/13/07
Grab Em Snacks was chosen to be "Food Site of the Day" on Monday, 8/13/07....

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• Summer Foods, by Jessica Boettger

Tired of the same old less-than-healthy fare at summer get-togethers? Burgers and hot dogs, hot dogs and burgers-maybe it's time for a change...

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• Spice Up Your Snacks
Gifts & Decorative Accessories,, July 2007

Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips are a new gourmet chip alternative that marries disparate cuisines to deliver a multicultural munchie....

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• Nothing Plain About Plantains
Fancy Food Magazine, June 2007, Shelf-Talk by Nancy

People looking for a spicy, healthful replacement for potato chips can enjoy new Plantain Chips from Grab Em Snacks. Rich in potassium as well as containing zero additives ...

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• Nirali Magazine Interview
Nirali Magazine, May 2007
   "Flavorful Finds:  Grab Bag" by Janki Khatau

   Photo of Geetha Jayaraman, owner of Grab Em Snacks

• Pass the Plantain Chips, Please: Gourmet ‘Grab Em Snacks’ Fuse Multiple Cuisines for   Spicy Treat Six Flavors from Cajun to Jalapeno
by Brittany Roth

Fry wafer-thin slices of a banana-like vegetable from India, add spices from Mexico to the Louisiana bayou and beyond, and what do you get? Grab Em Snacks Plantain Chips, a new gourmet chip alternative that marries disparate cuisines to deliver a multicultural munchie that goes well with anything from burgers to Bordeaux

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• Feeling Spicier Than Sweet This Valentine's Day?
The Metro Herald, Feb. 9, 2007

It is believed that in medieval times, girls ate bizarre foods on February 14th to incur dreams of their future spouse. Nowadays, women eat bizarre foods, or food in general, to escape from the reoccurring nightmare known as the dating pool of the Twenty-First century.

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• Radio Interview: November 17th,

• Newspaper Article: Number Your Curry, Plan Your Stocking Stuffers
The Port Arthur News, Wednesday, November 1, 2006
   By Darragh Doiron, Culinary Thrill Seeking

Darragh Doiron, The Port Arthur NewsIt's just "plantain" good.

Plantains are cousins to the banana. Chips made from them tend to put one in an exotic frame of mind. Grab Em Snacks puts them smack in the middle of Louisianna ... with flavor. This New Jersey-based company figured flavoring them with Cajun spices ought to work, and it did. I'm a sucker for the red chili, myself. The chips ... also in jalapeno, sea salt and black pepper ... are a welcome addition to lunch boxes. I reckon Elvis would have liked them with his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Link to the Entire Article in the Port Arthur News

• Press Release: Grab Em Snacks Are Chips to Bet On for Healthy Snack Alternative

Health-conscious consumers give Grab Em Snacks gourmet plantain chips a hearty "two thumbs up!" as a nutritious and satisfying alternative to the ubiquitous potato chip.

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