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Plantain Chips -
A Great Energy Booster!

Plantain Nutritional

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  • Highly Nutritious
  • Good Source of Potassium and
    Vitamins A & C
  • High in Dietary Fiber
  • Energy Booster -
    High in carbohydrates

Plantain Chips -
High in Dietary Fiber!

About Us - Grab Em Snacks

Grab Em Snacks was founded with a simple idea - to create healthy and tasty snack alternatives to the ubiquitous potato chips and pretzels.

I would like to dedicate my business to my mother
who has been my greatest inspiration to start this business and gave me the passion for cooking.
Geetha Jayaraman

Our Story

Photo of Black Pepper Spice Plantain ChipsThe story of Grab Em Snacks and our plantain chips goes back to Geetha Jayaraman's (Grab Em Snacks' President and Founder) childhood spent growing up in India and Malaysia where plantain chips were as ubiquitous as potato chips are today.

Moving as an adult to the United States meant an exciting new chapter in her life but also meant having to bid farewell to such beloved comfort foods as plantain chips. While visiting the US, her mother stumbled upon raw plantains at a foodstore and exclaimed in surprise. Here was an opportunity to see if they could bring back a slice of that Asian childhood!

Soon, frying plantain chips became a frequent event at Geetha's home. Her chips became not just a favorite at home but at her friends' homes as well. A hostess gift from Geetha would inevitably mean bags of different flavored plantain chips! Picnics with friends were never complete without Geetha's plantain chips. The sheer freshness and authentic flavors of her chips soon made her friends demand that Geetha make her chips commercially available.

Photo of Geetha Jayaraman, founder of Grab Em SnacksRemarks one close friend, "there were simply no plantain chips on the market that bore any resemblance to the quality and taste of Geetha's plantain chips. It was a no-brainer, really".

That, briefly, is the story of GrabEm Snacks and how the germ of an idea took root. Today, Geetha combines her considerable experience in corporate America with her love of cooking in an effort to introduce her favorite snack food to a new market and a new generation.

The Gourmet Snack Food Industry

Photo of Red Chili Plantain Chips & Ingredients UsedWith the introduction of our plantain chips, Grab Em Snacks makes its foray into the crowded gourmet snack food market determined to take this little known snack mainstream. Relegated to the "international foods" aisles in supermarkets for years, the average American consumer knows little about this crisp, fresh-tasting snack that also happens to be healthy. There is NO guilt associated with this snack!

The plantain, a hearty multi-purpose cousin of the sweeter banana is prized in much of the tropics, Africa and Latin America for its potato-like firmness of texture and is eaten cooked, boiled, steamed, baked or fried. We have taken this potassium-rich vegetable and created the freshest, crispiest, most alluring snack to come along in a long time. Cooked only in the purest safflower oils, Grab Em Snacks plantain chips come in a variety of flavors: Sea Salt, Red Chili, Black Pepper Spice, Chili Garlic, Jalapeno, Cinnamon Sugar and Cajun Seasoning.

All Natural Flavored Plantain Chips - Plantain Chips

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